[pmwiki-users] wikipaths and include changes

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 19:04:45 CDT 2006

I was thinking (out loud on this list for the 
20th time at least today), in light of many
of the recent discussions, what if instead of
changing the current way that page variables
were processed (and thus potentially breaking
many sites), a new format were introduced, 
called the wikipath, and it used double 
squigly brackets instead of single ones.

{{(function args)Group.Page$[#?:...](n)var(n)}}

With this syntax, we could slowly add the 
wikipath ideas and the pagevariables could
be switched to the new proposed behavior 
while still keeping the current functionality
with the old syntax and simply deprecating it 
slowly over time.  This way, nothing would have
to break but authors could now use {{$Name}} to
mean the name of page the page where {{$Name}}
is written.  This also would might alleviate
the single squigly bracket sparsity since it 
would now be the double squigly braket being 


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