[pmwiki-users] Is it possible to assign various icon to various link styles?

Rene Visco rvisco at csdr-cde.ca.gov
Wed May 24 18:22:42 CDT 2006


Wonder if it's possible to assign a specific icon for each link such as URL
link, PDF attachment (download), Word documents, etc.  Each link will have
its own icon. 

It would help the users to be less confused and know what to expect when
they click on the links.

Rene V. 

On 5/24/06 12:00 PM, "pmwiki-users-request at pmichaud.com"
<pmwiki-users-request at pmichaud.com> wrote:

> However, the "easy" way to change link formatting is to change
> the value of $UrlLinkFmt:
>     $UrlLinkFmt =
>       "<a class='urllink' href='\$LinkUrl'
>         rel='nofollow'>\$LinkText</a><img src='external-link.gif' alt='' />";
> Pm

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