[pmwiki-users] pagelist_is_creating_links_relativetothecurrent_group?

Américo Albuquerque aalbuquerque at lanowar.sytes.net
Wed May 24 16:44:12 CDT 2006

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Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 20:20:03 +0000 (UTC)
From: Pico

 > Ok, I see: the format is not {Group.$GroupHome} or {Group$GroupHome} 
but rather,
 > it is {Group.Page$GroupHome}, which can be shortened to 
{Page$GroupHome}, with
 > the caveat that the page will be assumed to reside in the current 
group (whether
 > that page actually exists, or not).
Actualy the format has to do with the {$var} markup syntax. {$var} is 
defined also by {fullpagename$var}. PageVar uses MakePageName to set the 
page name. This function returns null if it doesn't find a form of 
"Page" or "Group.Page" before the $

 > Ok, so it is completely arbitrary what page I refer to, existing or 
 > as long as I identify it as a page that exists, or doesn't, within 
the group
 > that I am interested in.
It has to be a valid pagename

 > If that is the case, could the underlying code just assume (or 
supply) the
 > arbitrary page name when the author specifies the group, i.e. could 
the entry of
 > the markup {Group.$GroupHome} or be interpreted as {Group.XYZ$GroupHome}
{Group$GroupHome} should work since Group is converted into $Group.Group

 > But it is still confusing why I could use the format 
{Group.$GroupHome} (with no
 > page specified) and have that work when Group.Group exists, but not 
work when
 > only Group.HomePage exists. What is going on? When I specify only 
"Group." in
 > {Group.$GroupHome) is it looking for Group.Group, or it is looking for
 > Group.[Null]? If it is looking for Group.Group, which is a valid page 
name, why
 > does it only work when Group.Group exists, and why does it fail when 
 > does not exist.
PageVar checks first $Cursor['pagename'] is set and uses it if true. 
What this variable does or how it's set only PM knows. Probably 
$Cursor['Group.Group'] is set if the page exists and, because of that, 
makes the PageVar to get the variable or it's set if you have visited 
Group.Group page before

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