[pmwiki-users] History/trace of the pages already seen

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Tue May 16 07:10:21 CDT 2006

I did this once before. You will have to author a recipe that adds
more session management--no mean feat.

What you will want to do is manage the user's session variables on the
server. In the user's session file, you will want to keep an array
called "history." Let's say you want to track the last five pages:

function history($s, $page) {
  $h = $s['history'];
  array_unshift($h, $page);
  $h = array_unique($h);
  if (size_of($h) > 5) {
     $s['history'] = array_slice($h, 0, 5);
  $FmtV['history'] = blah, blah.

But, you will have to manage the user's session more closely than PmWiki tries.

On 5/16/06, Jean-Philippe Georget <jpgnews2006 at jpgeorget.net> wrote:
> Clemens Gruber <cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de> wrote:
> > Hi Jean-Philippe,
> >
> > all modern browser have back and forward buttons and you can see in a
> > very elaborated history all pages you have visited before. So I see no
> > need for rebuilding this on a single website.
> Yes, you are right but... I would like to have this functionnality in
> PmWiki (as it already exists in Dokuwiki, TikiWiki, etc.). Personally,
> I (and so others...) like this "Trace" for an ergonomic reason : it's
> faster to click on the page than to go to the back buttons and there
> are less items on the page than in the list of the "back" button !
> If someone see a good way of obtaining this, I would be very glad ;-)
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