[pmwiki-users] only blank page

Jonas Bernoulli sink at artavatar.org
Thu Mar 30 11:22:41 CST 2006

i am running pmwiki locally and therefor tried pmwikiserv.php.

i run pmwikiserv.php from the directory server which is in the correct 
location below the dir containing pmwiki.php.

i do get a html document now but the file is corrupted: the first part 
of the html header is missing!

pmwikiserv.php doesnt give me any errors.

i use PHP 4.4.0. and as i understand it no additional packages are 
required when using pmwikiserv.php.

are there any reports of pmwikiserv.php working with the newest version 
of pmwiki?



ps: sorry for the delay

Patrick Ogay wrote:

> "Totally blank page"
> Some providers configure the server that php-messages doesn't show up.
> Therefore an php-error interupts the script, and for example if it is in
> farmconfig.php
> you get blank page (very difficult to find the error:-(
> I hope you get access to the php errorlog
> otherwise you have to test every single statement:-)
> In my case  the provider gave me a php-script to show the last
> php-error-messages of the site.
> regards
> Patrick
> P.S.
> So I thnk my error now, showing no content (see other posting), is
> something different.
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