[pmwiki-users] Confused wikitrail in DocumentationIndex (2.1.3)

ljb ljb220 at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 20 20:05:21 CST 2006

Looking at 2.1.3, my own site and pmwiki.org, the WikiTrail in
PmWiki/DocumentationIndex seems to be confused.  Click on the first page
BasicEditing and look at the trail links at the bottom: the next page
should be CreatingNewPages but instead it jumps to AccessKeys. And there
isn't a visible link to AccessKeys on DocumentationIndex.  It is only in
the invisible >>comment<< links at the bottom of the page (added recently
for FAQ inclusion). Very confusing to a reader.

It seems that if you have duplicate page names in the list which makes the
trail, it uses the last match to make the previous and next links.  That's
what MakeTrailPath() and friends do in trails.php: keeps searching after a
page name match.  At first glance, it should break out of the loop after
matching pagename.  But circular trails won't work if you do that.  I
think there is a basic conflict between the idea of a circular trail and
of being able to make a block of extra comment links at the bottom for FAQs.

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