[pmwiki-users] Could PageList to be devided to several pages automaticly?

Elias Soong songjl at 163.net
Thu Mar 23 20:05:31 CST 2006

I'm trying to use the BlogWithPageList cookbook solution. I think it may
be more convenient if PageList could divide itself to several pages.

For example, suggest I have 100 pages of a group. If I just use
(:PageList:) to display them, there may be too much things displayed and
hard to open the page and read them. If I add the "count=20" parameter,
there is no way to see the other 80 pages.

Although BlogSimple give out a archive solution help some, BlogSimple
generate archive manually.

A better way maybe add a new feature to PageList, which could divide
pages to several html pages. If there are still some pages not
displayed, then PageList will automaticly give out a link to view the
next pages.

I don't know if this feature is hard to implement, but I think it is
useful. Besides blog, we could also produce a better forum solution
based on PageList.

Elias Soong

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