[pmwiki-users] Note on tooltip options

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon Mar 20 07:16:43 CST 2006

On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 09:57:57AM +0100, Thomas Lederer wrote:
> Joachim Durchholz schrieb am 20.03.2006 9:33 Uhr:
> > Neil Herber schrieb:
> >> Other than the fact that it might break existing markup, I would say 
> >> get rid of the [[ Link Text -> http://www.example.com ]] markup 
> >> altogether.
> > Sorry for jumpin in late, and I have to confess I haven't followed this 
> > thread. Let me just cast my vote for the -> syntax: it's far more 
> > intuitive than the | syntax.
> as we are casting votes ;) i would vote for the pipe: |
> [...]

Just to make it clear (in case it wasn't already), I have
absolutely no intention of eliminating either the | or ->
form of links.

As Jo says, the -> is more intuitive or readable for some authors.
The | syntax is in widespread use in many other editing environments, 
and there are times when the target is more significant than the link text.

Nor do I see that we need to make a choice, or that there's even
an issue with having two ways of expressing a link.  Natural languages
often allow for such explicit reversals:

    * Alice edited this page.
    * This page was edited by Alice.

An author can choose one or the other depending on what improves
clarity in the overall context.  I think [[target | text]] and
[[text -> target]] fall in this category; sometimes one is simply
clearer than the other.


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