[pmwiki-users] printing all pages

Jens Schiffler jens.schiffler at gmx.de
Thu Mar 16 11:28:33 CST 2006

** Reply to message from Andrew Camenisch <acamen at myrealbox.com> on Sun, 12 Mar
2006 17:46:09 +1300

Hi Andrew,

I'd like to find the showstopper in jjscms. (seems nobody but me has been able
to put it to work yet - and yes, it does work for me)
Perhaps there's something special about my php / pmwiki configuration - I dont
know. So I'm looking forward to feedback!

Can I have a look at your config.php, farmconfig.php, and template .tmpl files?

> Hi, is there a function or script available for printing out the content of all
> pmwiki pages as static html files? 

> I played with jjsCMS (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/JjsCMS/ ) but have not been able to
> generate any pages with it, most certainly due to user error on my part.  

> As someone relatively new to wikis and php, I am hoping there is a simpler,
> push-button script available that simply:  

> 1. churns through the pages stored in wikilib.d  (I only need the formatted content)

You can let your browser iterate over all pages in a wiki with jjsrefresh.php
installed (Attached to the jjscms description)
I wrote it because Iterating over a larger wiki in a php script on the server
side will stop somewhere inbetween when the server process reaches its
execution time limit.
I'm planning to add get-parameters (eg. "action=print") so that action is
executed for every page. 

> 2. uses pmwiki 'print' to print each page 

Is the print layout suitable for publishing?

> 3. saves the resulting html files to a given directory  Is creating this function just a matter of 
> piecing together existing scripts?  Or is the task more complicated?  
> The goal is similar to jjsCMS in that I want to use pmwiki to manage and update the content 
> of a static site, but I would be happy /manually/ updating all the static pages in one go 
> (ie. pressing a "print all pages" button  :)  ) after a successful editing session, rather than having
> the html pages generated automatically each time the corresponding wiki page is
> accessed.  

I'm working on a new version of jjscms that will only write the copy if the
page is called with "action=jjscmspublish".
It will also have a means to publish only pages that have a corresponding page
attribute set. 
Already working on my installation - but I have to refactor  the code before I
put the new jjscms in the cookbook. 


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