[pmwiki-users] printing all pages

Andrew Camenisch acamen at myrealbox.com
Sat Mar 18 03:04:25 CST 2006

Thanks for the tip, Susan.  I've used httrack before, and I ran into an 
error when testing httrack on pmwiki.com:

Note: due to www.pmwiki.com remote robots.txt rules, links begining with 
these path will be forbidden: /wiki/

In any case, httrack would output html files that are identical to the 
wiki display, which, though great for simply /duplicating/ a wiki, isn't 
exactly what I'm after. 

I would like to be able to use pmwiki as a private space for 
collaborating on writing content.  This content could then be published 
to another directory in order to be viewed publicly within a regular 
html web site with its own design and special features.  So I'm not 
really interested in duplicating the wiki as static html pages; rather 
I'm interested in extracting only the plain, formatted content of each 
wiki /page/ -- something the 'print' function does beautifully.


Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>On Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 11:43:10AM -0500, Susan wrote:
>>I haven't run this one through its paces yet, but it looks reasonable:
>>Why do you want to use the pmwiki 'print' function? I think you'd lose 
>>the links.
>No, the links remain even with ?action=print.  :-)
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