[pmwiki-users] Latin-1 (non-7-bit-ASCII) characters in WikiWord links?

mech mech at df.lth.se
Sat Mar 11 01:22:44 CST 2006

I'm having trouble getting PmWiki working properly when I include my 
native language special caharacers in WikiWord links. As it works when I 
try it in the sandbox on pmwiki.org I am led to believe it has to be 
either a problem with my configuration of either php5 or apache2 
(or maybe a combination of these). I am using the sample configuration 
verbatim with no changes.


I try to create a new page by including  [[Sandlåda]] (the swedish 
word for Sandbox) in a wiki-page. In html you would write 'Sandlåda' 
(the "weird" character being 'aring', ascii 229 / 0xe5).

Om PmWiki the resulting html says

<a class='createlinktext' rel='nofollow' 

I.e the WikiWord "Sandlåda" is properly included and the 'aring'-character 
is urlencoded as %e5. On my own setup however, I get

<a class='createlinktext' rel='nofollow' 

I.e the text in the page is correct, but in the url it says 'SandlDa' (i.e 
the aring is removed, and the following letter has been capitalized). The 
same thing happens with other latin-1 characters.

Any else having the same problem?


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