[pmwiki-users] New Page Box, Mail Posts and Bundles

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Sat Mar 11 12:44:42 CST 2006

	Thanks a lot for helping me formulate correctly how I could
configure Pmwiki to do what I want. You are right, requirement No. 2 and 4
need to be relaxed. What I am having difficulty with (I think many others
have this same problem) is that there are multiple ways to frame the
requirements and ways to fulfill those requirements due to the great
features that Pmwiki offers. Experts who know how Pmwiki works have such a
good grasp that they are able to pick out inconsistencies and offer
alternatives but newbies have a big problem since they lack that insight. 

In other words, when someone gives some requirements, it would be possible
to fulfill all of them. But, in reality, there is some iteration required to
relax some of them and come up with requirements in such a way that Pmwiki
can fulfill all of them. So, when thinking about each requirement, keep the
user perspective and assume you know nothing about Pmwiki. To decide how to
implement it, use a flow that goes something like this:
1. decide if you need a group, category or field  
2. decide how permissions should be set up (per page, group, field or site) 
3. decide which recipes to use
4. Can all the requirements be met?
    If not 
	  relax the requirements (start with the least important)
        go back to step 1.
	  send Pm money


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Saturday, March 11, 2006, 6:48:16 AM, Bellave wrote:
> 1.	SimplemachinesUserSystemIntegration is used
> 2.	The only way for a registered user to create a new page is via the
New Page Box
> 3.	There are multiple “types” of New Pages (e.g. Feature, HowTo,
> Reference etc.) (I think this could be done using the NewPageBoxPlus)
> 4.	Only the site admin can edit wiki pages 
> 5.	When a new page is created using the New Page Box, mail gets sent to
an email address
> 6.	The new page gets put into a “Draft” group to be later moved
> to a different group by the site admin

I have not got any idea what kind of content pages you would allow your
registered users to create, without giving them edit permissions. I
see a slight contradiction between registered and no edit permission,
unless registering means having access to read the site, i.e. it is
only visible to registered users, who don't get permission to edit

Anyway, you can create a group called "Draft" and perhaps on its
homepage have a number of newpagebox forms. The group will be edit
protected. Using newpageboxplus each newpagebox needs to be configured
to create a page from an individual template page, and is set to allow
creation of pages only in group "Draft", and is set to save the new
page automatically. And if the email notification is just going to the
admin then pmwiki's built in system of mailpost notifications should
be good enough.

I think technically you can't restrict the creation of new pages to
just work through a newpagebox form, as a new page name can be added
into the browser's address bar for instance. But if your group is edit
protected then all other ways will simply asking for a password. and
you can window-dress the group/site by making edit links and such not
visible for users who have not got edit authentication, by using for
instance (:if auth edit:)[[{$Name}?action=edit|edit page]](:if:)
as a link which will conditionally display only.

Hope this helps a bit.


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