[pmwiki-users] ajax-like skins (was: new recipe ShowHide)

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Mar 2 16:36:04 CST 2006

On Friday, 3 March 2006 5:06 AM, Jon Haupt <jhaupt at gmail.com> wrote:
>This idea of show/hide divs using javascript has had me wondering if
>more could be done with ajax-like technology to make a very nice skin.

Funny you should say that. Ever since I added show/hide to the
(:toc:) recipe, I have been itching to add a show/hide link to
the edit screen, so when I press Preview I see the page preview
without having to scroll down, but can get the edit form back
without having to reload the page. This would be a trivial and
IMHO very useful first step to what you have suggested.

And having the edit link as 'show' the edit form and 'hide' the
page would make the whole thing hang together.

Very good!

> I'm intrigued by the wiki engine over at SWiK (example project page:
>http://swik.net/pmwiki).  What's neat about this skin is not only do
>things show and hide on the fly, but indeed you can 'flip' them so
>that, for example, clicking on an edit button replaces the wiki text
>with the edit window.  Being an ajax project, you don't have to keep
>reloading the page when you want to do various actions.  I believe
>what is happening there is loading the page actually loads all of the
>information but it's sort of like looking at different sides of a
>piece of paper, right?
>Wouldn't it be neat if you could put several actions into something
>like this, so that you wouldn't have to reload the page if you a)
>wanted to edit the page, b) wanted ?action=attr,diff,etc.
>Anyhow, I think this kind of thing would make a great PmWiki skin and
>I'm thinking this recipe could be a good first step toward something
>like that.

John Rankin

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