[pmwiki-users] Two Questions

George gdb at soundchasers.com
Sat Aug 26 14:10:56 CDT 2006

I'm making excellent progress on getting my site together.  I have, 
however, run into a couple of things that I couldn't find any immediate 
answers to:

(1) How can I automatically set a password for view/edit/attributes on 
pages that I save as a Draft.  The biggest of these being the View 
password.  I want to make sure that pages that are drafts aren't viewed 
by anyone until I make them non-draft.

(2)  I've been trying to use commentboxplus2.php with the blog section 
of my site, however I have run into the issue that with page edits being 
password protected, users that aren't logged in cannot add comments to 
entries.  I thought one of the commentbox recipes worked even with the 
pages being password protected.

Related questions to #2: do any of the commentbox recipes use the built 
in wiki forms now?  commentboxplus2 appears to use it's own form, so the 
controls look different than the rest of the skin that I am using 
(light).  Additionally, has anyone thought about adding CAPTCHA to 
their  commentbox recipe?  I'm not a huge fan of CAPTCHA, but it does 
appear to fill it's intended purpose (in this case, cutting down the 
likelihood of comment spam).

Thanks for any assistance!

// George

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