[pmwiki-users] Two Questions

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Sat Aug 26 14:30:41 CDT 2006

CommentBoxStyled allows comments on write-protected pages:

It also automatically creates a blog in pages with the words "Diary"  
or "Journal" in their title. I actually hacked mine to not do that  
since I had a page with Journal in the title that I didn't want to be  
a blog. All I did was change all occurrences of "journal" in the  
script with "bugaboo." :)

I'm anti-captcha, too, and have been playing with the idea of logic  

Andy Standfield

On Aug 26, 2006, at 12:10 PM, George wrote:

> I'm making excellent progress on getting my site together.  I have,
> however, run into a couple of things that I couldn't find any  
> immediate
> answers to:
> (1) How can I automatically set a password for view/edit/attributes on
> pages that I save as a Draft.  The biggest of these being the View
> password.  I want to make sure that pages that are drafts aren't  
> viewed
> by anyone until I make them non-draft.
> (2)  I've been trying to use commentboxplus2.php with the blog section
> of my site, however I have run into the issue that with page edits  
> being
> password protected, users that aren't logged in cannot add comments to
> entries.  I thought one of the commentbox recipes worked even with the
> pages being password protected.
> Related questions to #2: do any of the commentbox recipes use the  
> built
> in wiki forms now?  commentboxplus2 appears to use it's own form,  
> so the
> controls look different than the rest of the skin that I am using
> (light).  Additionally, has anyone thought about adding CAPTCHA to
> their  commentbox recipe?  I'm not a huge fan of CAPTCHA, but it does
> appear to fill it's intended purpose (in this case, cutting down the
> likelihood of comment spam).
> Thanks for any assistance!
> // George
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