[pmwiki-users] PmWiki 2.1.15

Henrik Bechmann henrik at bechmannsoftware.com
Sat Aug 26 14:04:06 CDT 2006

Thanks for the update Patrick.

I must say that one of the wonderful things about PmWiki is that an 
update is a purely a matter of copying files now. Nothing else. Zero, 
zip, nada (thanks in part to the recent shared.d feature). Takes me all 
of five minutes (including reading the announcement<grin>).

Question: A while ago we talked about changing the core to force FF's 
cache to be over-ridden when page mode was changed (eg. from read to 
edit). But I see the cache still has to be over-ridden with a user's 
manual shift-RefreshButton action.

Is this fix still on your list?


- Henrik


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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