[pmwiki-users] Announcement: Cookbook ReyVote v0.6

Clemens Gruber cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de
Sat Aug 26 10:43:27 CDT 2006


there is a new Version 0.6 (2006-08-26) form ReyVote recipe out:

Now you can use checkboxes in the voting (up to now it works only with 
radio buttons) and set some new variables:

v0.6 - Tobias Thelen, Clemens Gruber
* [feature] multiple answers per question (checkboxes)
* [feature] message after vote (instead of vote form) $RyeVoteAfterVoteMsg,
             and color of bars $RyeVoteBarColor, customizable

For checkboxes use this code:

(:input checkbox vote-c[] somevalue:) Some Label
(:input checkbox vote-c[] someothervalue:) Some other Label
(:input hidden vote-c-name "!!!Question C":)

If you want to give the possibility to check more than one item per 
question use "checkbox". Please notice, in this case you have to use 
square bracket after the unique name, in this case "vote-c[]".


P.S.: Here once again the mail to the PmWiki mailinglist, because of the 
IE bugs associate with the wiki code (not fixed yet):

Clemens Gruber wrote:

> flox / Schlaefer wrote at http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/RyeVoting
>>> Grey Bars
>>> I have this working in my wiki but I only seem to get two grey bars 
>>> of the same size for the graphical output. I have tried this on your 
>>> site and get the same thing too. I
>> I tested with IE6, but could not reproduce the problem. If the 
>> corruption occurs, please post the destroyed code here. - Schlaefer 
>> January 27, 2006, at 03:23 AM
> I think I have figure out the reason why it's not working in IE. The 
> problem is the _wiki formatting_ in
> (:input hidden vote-a-name "!!!Question A":)
> and Site.RyeVoteDB respectively:
> ####setname
> ***** => !Question A
> .
> It works with
> (:input hidden vote-a-name "Question A":)
> ***** => Question A
> the HTML output is
> >>> this works in IE >>>
> <p><br/><br/>
> Sometext
> </p>
> <table ><tr>
> >>> this not >>>
> <p><br/><br/>
> </p><h1>Sometext<span  style='display: block; background-color: 
> silver; color: silver;'></span></h1>
> <table ><tr>
> I think there is no reason for
> <span  style='display: block; background-color: silver; color: 
> silver;'></span>
> Does somebody know how to fix this in ryevote.php?
> Clemens

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