[pmwiki-users] Google Analytics

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Aug 25 11:57:15 CDT 2006

Allister Jenks said...
> I struggle to see (a) what makes Google Analytics "Commercial" in the
> absolute sense.

> Does placement of Adsense ads make a site commercial as well?

Yes, of course.

> I have several PmWiki powered sites.  One of them is
> commercial because it is selling a service and that is its *primary*
> purpose.  It also carries AdSense advertising.  Another of my sites is
> not primarily commercial because its *primary* purpose is to show off
> my photos.  But you can buy any of a handful of products from Cafe
> Press and it carries AdSense advertising in the hopes that it may one
> day set off the hosting costs.  Yet another site doesn't have anything
> for sale, has a heap of useful information for people and also carries
> AdSense advertising in the same hope as above.  It is not *primarily*
> commercial.

But it is engaged in commerce and thus is a commercial site. You are 
selling, or trying to, third party services for reward.

> PmWiki.org has long had a PayPal donation button.  Does the word
> 'donation' make it non-commercial? 

Nope, because there's no buying and selling involved - except your soul, 
when you use Paypal.

> To my mind, "commercial" means exchanging (or attempting to) money for
> an agreed service or product.

No, commerce is just buying and selling - although it used to me having 
sex, years back ;-)


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