[pmwiki-users] Page TOC listing showing up center-aligned

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Aug 3 08:11:52 CDT 2006

> I have been unable to think of a case when one would prefer
> the toc items to be centred or right aligned, so I plan to
> implement this change in the next release.
> Another workaround, of course, is to centre headings via an
> external style sheet. This would be suitable when one wants 
> all headings of a particular level to have the same style.

I rather like the look of a centered list at times.

We ran into this problem with my skin, rosetrellis. I'd centered the 
contents of the sidebar using the skin's CSS. This did not look good at 
all when combined with the bulleted list in the sidebar at pmwiki.org.

My recommendation:

1a Use the skin and CSS to align the headings on individual pages, so 
all pages look alike. This way there is no alignment info in the text 
that gets copied to the TOC. (Ideally, there should be no style info at 
all in the text that gets copied to the TOC. This gives the TOC routine 
and/or the skin the most options.)


1b Not sure this will work. Put the wikitext alignment codes _outside_ 
the (:title:) directive. Again, there will be no style info in the text 
that gets copied to the TOC. Problem is you have to do that on every 
page with a title.

I had an alignment problem with the sidebar of the rosetrellis skin. The 
skin centered it. Pmwiki.org used wikitext to make an un-numbered list. 
The combination was ugly. Now the skin leaves alignment to the wikitext.


Note to self: once kids are back in school, check the version that's up 
on pmwiki.

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