[pmwiki-users] UserAuth

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Fri Sep 2 11:27:03 CDT 2005

Rob Fisher wrote:
> I'm trying to add user authentication to my public wiki, so that guests 
> can read the pages, but only I can edit them.
> I have successfully installed the UserAuth recipe, and have created the 
> .htpasswd file which contains my user name and password.  When I try to 
> edit a page I get prompted for my username and password, which are 
> successfully processed.  So far so good!
> I now want to make the system a little more sophisticated so that the
> Edit  (History and Upload) links are only visible once a user is logged
> in.  It  would also be nice to add a specific Login link, and even
> better to have  one that automatically changed to Logout if the user was
> already logged  in.  I must admit that as a newcomer to PmWiki I am
> finding the help in  the cookbook rather hard to follow.
> Here come the questions...!
> 1) There seem to be two recipes that handle user authentication... 
> UserAuth and AuthUser.  What is the difference?  Which is more newbie 
> friendly!?

I use UserAuth today.  Mainly because AuthUser was/is still maturing
feature wise.  Certainly UserAuth was the best choice in the past.

> 2) Using UserAuth-Admintool I see the users that I defined, but any 
> alterations that I make causes the error... "Notice: userauth htpasswd 
> file is not writable in..." What access rights need to be assigned to 
> .htpassword? (At present it is 644 -rw-r--r--)
> 3) The skin that I am using is Simple.  This defines the Edit link in
> the  simple.tmpl file.  Could someone give me a pointer as to how I can
> use  conditional formatting (ie hide the edit link) based upon the
> current  users.  It confuses me as the HTML seems to be outside the
> scope of  PmWiki's conditional markup.

Get the CMS Like recipe and look at the Evolver skin.

http://friscobible.org is setup with UserAuth today where the
edit links and other operators show up once your are logged in.

It also has the latest PmCalendar on it (look at June/July) calendar
for sample entries.

Note: friscobible.org is not the current web site of Frisco Bible Church

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