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> I'm trying to add user authentication to my public wiki, so that guests
> can read the pages, but only I can edit them.
> I have successfully installed the UserAuth recipe, and have created the
> .htpasswd file which contains my user name and password. When I try to
> edit a page I get prompted for my username and password, which are
> successfully processed. So far so good!
> I now want to make the system a little more sophisticated so that the Edit
> (History and Upload) links are only visible once a user is logged in. It

Look at the CMS recipes. There is one designed to work with UserAuth that 
works perfectly in that context. (See http://www.gmtoolbox.org/Espace; 

would also be nice to add a specific Login link, and even better to have
> one that automatically changed to Logout if the user was already logged
> in. I must admit that as a newcomer to PmWiki I am finding the help in
> the cookbook rather hard to follow.

UserAuth does this. There is a specific link you may add to the Skin.

Here come the questions...!
> 1) There seem to be two recipes that handle user authentication...
> UserAuth and AuthUser. What is the difference? Which is more newbie
> friendly!?

AuthUser is meant to be the de facto user authentication for PmWiki. 
UserAuth is an order authentication system recipe that is fairly popular. I 
mostly use UserAuth but do also use AuthUser in a couple of sites I manage.

2) Using UserAuth-Admintool I see the users that I defined, but any
> alterations that I make causes the error... "Notice: userauth htpasswd
> file is not writable in..." What access rights need to be assigned to
> .htpassword? (At present it is 644 -rw-r--r--)

chmod 666 .htpassword 

3) The skin that I am using is Simple. This defines the Edit link in the
> simple.tmpl file. Could someone give me a pointer as to how I can use
> conditional formatting (ie hide the edit link) based upon the current
> users. It confuses me as the HTML seems to be outside the scope of
> PmWiki's conditional markup.
> The site URL is http://www.robfisher.info/Wolf
> The username and password are both set to 'test' (without the quotes)
> Thanks for any assistance you can give. This group has already been very
> kind, welcoming and helpful :)
> Rob.
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