[pmwiki-users] Method to selectively include template markup based on auth level

Mr Wappy mrwappy at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 11:53:04 CDT 2005


I have been using a skin which has tabs for view,
edit, attr etc which are displayed all the time.  I
have been trying to determine how I could selectively
display them based on the current users permissions.

I am using authuser for the authentication.

I have within the template list items that represent
the tabs and would like to conditionally include them 

e.g. something like

<:if auth edit:>
   <li id='edit'><a
<:f auth ...

clearly the syntax does not work for this so I tried
with a function					
I started  with a function to generate the list item
with appropriate fields
<--function:Tabinc $PageUrl $[edit] $[EDIT] -->

but it's not clear to me how I can either 
i) conditionally include this function within the
syntax provided within a template
ii) identify programmatically, within my function that
I have placed in config.php, the auth level of the
current user.

Can anybody provide some more information that would
help me with this task?

Many thanks


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