[pmwiki-users] Recent changes missing most changes

Irv Mills imills at tnt21.com
Tue Nov 8 10:23:50 CST 2005

Thanks Wayland, that clarifies things somewhat. But...

Looking at pmwiki.org (which I presume is working correctly), the date
shown for each page listed in recent changes is that of the most recent
edit, and as you say, that is the only place the page shows up in the
list, though it may have changed many times. And when a page is created,
it shows up in recent changes immediately.

That isn't happening on my wiki. I just did a bunch of testing and it
seems to happens sometimes, but not always. And most of time for some
groups, but never for other groups. But the changes do show up in the
history for each page. I presume that when a page is edited and the
change saved, that the recent changes page for that group is updated by
pmwiki.php, though I don't understand pmwiki.php well enough to say
exactly how.

It also seems that changes made by people other than myself aren't
showing u at all.

Have a look at http://www.cni-home.com. The photo galleries (all but the
first one or two) were created by an external php script that I have
been working on, so I don't expect them to show up in recent changes,
but any page that has been created or changed normally from inside the
wiki certainly should (I think).

And pmwiki.org has an AllRecentChanges page, any idea how to set up such
a thing?

Irv Mills

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On 11/7/05, Irv Mills <imills at tnt21.com> wrote:
> I am running pmwiki version 2.0.12, PHP version 4.33 and Apache 2 on 
> Windows XP.
> Everything seems to work except  that the recent changes pages seem to

> be missing most of the recently made changes. And I haven't yet 
> figured out how to make an AllRecentChanges pages to show all changes 
> on the whole wiki.
> Any ideas on what might be wrong or information on how the whole 
> "recent changes" thing works?
My understanding is that the recent changes page only shows all the
pages that a change was made on. It does NOT show each change made to
that page. You have to view the history of each individual page to see
all the changes for the page. Basicly, recent changes simply tells you
which pages have changed, but not nessecarily what those changes were.

So, if you edit Page1 10 times and Page2 twice, then recent changes
would show 2 edits. In other words, 2 pages have recently changed.

Waylan Limberg
waylan at gmail.com

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