[pmwiki-users] pmCal and recurve skin

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Fri Nov 4 14:36:33 CST 2005

Allyen E. Wilson wrote:
> I am using pmCal. My site uses the Recurve skin. I am using the pmCal-
> mini.css for the calendar format. The list of "upcoming events" can  get
> long and it does not stay within the "body" of the recurve skin.  The
> long list of events crosses outside the borders of the body of  the page
> as defined by a box by recurve. The list in its entirety IS  visible
> within the window of the browser. It would just be a lot  cleaner
> looking if it stayed in the body portion of the recurve skin.
> I looked at the .tmpl file to see if I could change a table parameter 
> to fix it but it appears to not use tables.
> You can visit my Calendar sandbox here.
> http://www.eloquor.com/pmwiki/pmwiki?n=Main.Calendar
> Any ideas?

Not sure what to say.  Because PmWiki doesn't seem to support
side-by-side tables, and since you can do nested tables yet,
there's no good way to create constrained layout... apart
from creating a skin with fixed parts done with tables
via a *.tmpl file.

So because of the layout limitations, I was forced to make
the right matter displayed on the Cjc test calendar area float.
Floating is good until you realize that it litterally does float
so it can may layouts look incorrect (like what is
happening for the recurve skin).

I believe you might be able to create a Group scoped
skin that could use tables just for that group so you
can put the month calendars in one cell and the upcoming
events in a cell next to it.  That should work.

Of course, the PmCal-Mini.css would need to be changed
to... (eliminate the float:right)... the (:pmcal:) for
the upcoming events would be embedded into the table
cell of the Group specific template somehow.  Which
might mean putting it in a separate page.

I really wish PmWiki had better table layout
controls.  I think Pm has considered nested tables...
that would go a long way to fixing this issue without
having to create extra specific skins.

It may be asking a bit to have you create a
Group specific skin, but it is possible and might
be the correct answer.

If that's sounds a bit daunting, I can try to create
a demo and files for you to download to create
such a case that matches up to the recurve skin
(I'm willing to give it a try tonight if you want).

If somebody else has a better idea, I'm open to
suggestions as well.

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