[pmwiki-users] pmCal and recurve skin

Allyen E. Wilson awilson at allyenwilson.com
Fri Nov 4 14:10:18 CST 2005

I am using pmCal. My site uses the Recurve skin. I am using the pmCal- 
mini.css for the calendar format. The list of "upcoming events" can  
get long and it does not stay within the "body" of the recurve skin.  
The long list of events crosses outside the borders of the body of  
the page as defined by a box by recurve. The list in its entirety IS  
visible within the window of the browser. It would just be a lot  
cleaner looking if it stayed in the body portion of the recurve skin.

I looked at the .tmpl file to see if I could change a table parameter  
to fix it but it appears to not use tables.

You can visit my Calendar sandbox here.


Any ideas?


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