[pmwiki-users] Potential Cookbook: Announcement mailing list

Waylan Limberg waylan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 09:07:41 CDT 2005

> Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?  Would anyone here be
> interested in such a Cookbook?

Personally, in one project I'm working on, the host already has a list
service in place. The entire system is managed by email. Once the
admin's email is set (can be more than one) s/he can send email to
various addresses to administer any function of the system. (ie.:
LISTNAME-help at example.com would return an email with all the available
options and LISTNAME-list at example.com would return a list of all

To remotely subscribe a user (NAME at HOST.DOMAIN) send a message to
LISTNAME-subscribe-NAME=HOST.DOMAIN at example.com and conversely to
unsubscribe them, send to
LISTNAME-unsubscribe-NAME=HOST.DOMAIN at example.com. At the same time
anyone can subscribe with subscribe-LISTNAME at example.com and
unsubscribe with unsubscribe-LISTNAME at example.com from their address.
Sure the host provides a limited admin interface, but I'd prefer it to
be integrated into the site, rather than sending them to the host's

I was intending to create a front end to administer the system, and
just have the back end shoot off the appropriate emails. Of course,
all actions require a confirmation email (already built in to the list
system) to help limit abuse.

The anonymous guest user would simply get a field to enter their email
address and indicate weather they are subscribing or unsubscribing.
Upon submitting they are told to check their email for a confirmation
message. The admin, upon signing in, would get all sorts to options.

Anyway, that's the system I've envisioned. Unfortunately, it is
currently on the back burner as I get some more pressing things done
first. But, having that all easily plugged into pmwiki would be great.
So, yeah, I'm interested - although it sound like you had a slightly
different implementation in mind.

Waylan Limberg
waylan at gmail.com

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