[pmwiki-users] Potential Cookbook: Announcement mailing list

Chris Morison cmorison at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 05:53:48 CDT 2005

Hi All,

A site I'm developing with PmWiki would like an "Enter your e-mail
address to receive news and announcements" form to subscribe to an
announcement mailing list.

I know there are various free systems available, but I think it would
be nifty to have one built into PmWiki, so I was thinking of creating
a Cookbook.

But first, does anyone know of something similar that I could start
from?  Or can anyone recommend a lightweight, simple & free solution
that fits nicely into PmWiki?

At a very basic level I could create a form which sends the site owner
an e-mail containing the new subscriber's e-mail address, and leave it
to the owner to manage the list themselves.  However, I don't want to
rely on the site owner doing this properly, and I doubt they
understand the necessity of using Bcc in mass mailing.

Features I'm thinking of include:

* Subscribe confirmations to validate the e-mail address.
* Form where site owner (or authorised persons) can send an
announcement to the list.
* Unsubscribe links appended to posts.
* Bounces and replies would be addressed directly to the site owner.

This doesn't sound at all difficult, but it relies on availability of
the php mail() function.  And I would have to use a file for the
database instead of mySQL or similar to make it more compatible with
most pmWiki installations.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?  Would anyone here be
interested in such a Cookbook?



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