[pmwiki-users] Edit page extensions

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Mon Apr 25 15:11:51 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 03:26:53PM -0400, Neil Herber wrote:
>>The more I read about wiki configuration pages, the more I want to see them 
>>in their own group (say, PmConfig). 
> This is... -by far-, the best proposal I've ever heard for this.
> Great job, Neil.  Almost every other name I've seen has some sort
> of potential for conflict.

I concur.
If you don't object to being personally reconfigured with every PmWiki 
on the world, that is ;-)

> Currently PmWiki comes distributed with the following pre-defined pages:
>     Main.HomePage     - default start page
>     Main.SearchWiki   - search results page
>     Main.PageNotFound - page of text displayed if page isn't located
>     Main.WikiSandbox  - default sandbox
>     Main.SideBar      - default sidebar
>     PmWiki.*          - PmWiki documentation, but also contains
>                         PmWiki.EditQuickReference and 
>                         PmWiki.UploadQuickReference
>     Main.GroupAttributes, 
>     PmWiki.GroupAttributes - pages to lock passwords on Main and PmWiki groups
> If we define a custom group for config pages, does that affect
> anything in the Main or PmWiki groups?  Or does everything
> work out okay if we leave all of the above pages where they are
> (perhaps except PmWiki.EditQuickReference and PmWiki.UploadQuickReference)
> and just add a PmConfig group?

It will work out OK, but I think that configuration pages should go to 

Here's what I think what the various groups should contain:

Main - an "empty wiki", ready to be filled with content.
-> has HomePage and WikiSandbox.

PmWiki - documentation on PmWiki itself (end user, admin, skin & recipe 
writer docs - seems a big bunch but splitting that up isn't considered 
an option for now, and I tend to agree with that). Sidebars etc. can 
still link into that group, I see no problem with a side bar (or even a 
"normal content" page) linking into PmWiki.EditQuickReference or something.
-> stays as it is.

PmConfig - anything that should be edited by wiki admins only, i.e. it 
should have those pages that influence the look&feel or the response of 
-> gets all "generated" pages (SearchWiki, PageNotFound)
-> gets all "manipulation" pages (GroupAttributes, EditPage)
-> gets all "layout" pages (SideBar, RightBar, *Bar)

PmInternal would be a better group name, except that it's far too long :-)

> Immediately going into PmConfig will be PmConfig.EditForm and
> PmConfig.ActionsList.  Eventually we may also have PmConfig.AttrForm,
> PmConfig.PasswordForm, PmConfig.LoginForm, PmConfig.UploadForm, etc.
> How do we handle internationalization of these pages?  I don't
> want to have a PmConfigFr group, so I'd guess the forms either
> have to be self-internationalizing (e.g., via $[phrase] markups
> in the forms themselves) or corresponding per-language forms in
> the PmWikiFr, PmWikiDe, PmWikiEs, etc. groups.  Personally I think
> I prefer the $[phrase] markups...

I'd also vote for $[phrase].


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