[Pmwiki-users] Print view broken (pmwiki 1.0.7)

Alexandre Courbot Alexandre.Courbot
Fri Aug 27 07:28:50 CDT 2004

> Hmm, I don't think it's a bug in printable view itself.  I copied the
> same markup text and images to http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/JITS/Index 
> and there everything appears to work just fine, including the printable
> view, even with $EnablePrint=1.  So I'm guessing it's an interaction
> with some other configuration setting.

Hi Patrick,

You are right. The problem stopped once I disabled the


of my config PHP. Looks like it's this extension that causes the 
problem. Sad, for I'd like to use it. Is the author around?

> No, if $EnablePrint is undefined then that means to take the default
> configuration, which is to have printable views enabled.  Setting 
> $EnablePrint=0; disables printing.

Right. I get it better now.

Alexandre Courbot
PhD Student - LIFL/RD2P

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