[Pmwiki-users] New WebMenu available

J. Perkins jason
Fri Aug 29 15:24:33 CDT 2003

Hello all,

I just uploaded a new version of the WebMenu add-on, fixing a couple of 
problems that people were reporting. The new version will check for the 
existence of a WebMenu page before installing the hooks, so groups that 
do not use a menu will not have a big blank left margin. Also, Bernhard 
Weichel modified the script to use Main.WebMenu as a default. I removed 
that, and created a new variable called $DefaultWebMenu instead. If this 
variable is set to the name of a page, that page will be used as a 
default menu (hence the name ;) This has a couple of advantages: you 
only get a default menu if you actually want one, you can have a custom 
menu in your main group and a default one everywhere else, and it 
doesn't need to be named "WebMenu".

My local.php now looks like this:

   if ($action == "browse")
   $DefaultWebMenu = "PmWiki.WebMenu";



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