[Pmwiki-users] How do I get spaces in a free link URL

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Wed Aug 27 08:57:37 CDT 2003

Ummm, do you mean a url (http://...) or do you mean a free link?

If a url, then you should use %20 to represent spaces, as in


I tried this in the WikiSandbox on pmichaud.com and it worked fine.
Note that the space character itself is explicitly excluded from valid 
urls as defined in RFC 2396 section 2.4.3, so it has to be escaped
as %20 in a url.

If a {{free link}}, then spaces are automatically removed (or changed to
the value of $PageNameSpace) in the free link to form a valid page title.  
PmWiki doesn't allow spaces in page urls, because of the RFC 2396 
restriction cited above.

Hope this helps!


On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 04:15:58PM +0200, Baldur van Lew wrote:
> Some of the local URLs I'd like to link from my pmWiki have spaces.
> Can this be entered using the pmWiki syntax - I've tried "+" but it got
> replaced with "_" and %20 didn't seen to work
> (I looked at the substitution patterns, by the way,  but unfortunately
> couldn't figure it out from that).
> Thanks
> Baldur
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