[Pmwiki-users] Line breaks again

J. Perkins jason
Fri Aug 29 15:24:46 CDT 2003

I am sorry to bring this up again, but I seem to have developed a 
pathological issue with the '[[<<]]' line break syntax. Actually, I have 
an issue with *any* line break syntax...I believe that a newline should 
start a new line.

The idea of requiring markup to start a new line seems to go against the 
PmPhilosophy. When Joe Schmoe user types an email, hitting enter starts 
a new line. When he uses his word processor, hitting enter starts a new 
line. When he edits code, hitting enter starts a new line. No one is 
going to be surprised if starting a new line in the pmwiki editor 
produces a newline in the output.

I have been working my way back through the archives but could not find 
any justification for the current markup, other than "manual linebreaks 
in the source also allow to easily use the cursor keys to navigate 
within the text", which IMHO is a bunch of baloney, I can navigate 
around this email just fine. In addition, I can cut-and-paste text from 
one paragraph into the
middle of another paragraph and it doesn't end
up looking like this and requiring a bunch of manual fixups.

IMHO again, editing basic wiki text should be as easy as, as quite 
similar to, writing an email, something anyone who is online should be 
familiar with. So...

This is one line.
This is two lines.

This is a new paragraph. This is *bold*, and this is _italic_ (quite 
possible your email client provided the appropriate text styles for you 

Ignoring a newline becomes the special case \
but there is already a well-known syntax \
for that case. Actually the [[<<]]
syntax makes sense here, since it gives the [[<<]]
impression of "pulling up" the line below.

Okay I feel a little better now, just needed to get that off my chest. 
Is there a way to customize my wiki to accept newlines? I've looked at 
it a little bit but haven't figured it out yet. If I could change the 
bold and italic formatting too, that would be a plus. The rest of the 
markup I am quite happy with.

Sorry for the rant. Take it as a positive: this wouldn't annoy me so 
much if the rest of the product weren't so great. Now I am off to 
attempt a code syntax highlighter plugin...


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