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Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue May 27 06:14:21 CDT 2014

On May 27, 2014, at 1:01 AM, Petko Yotov wrote:
>> I'm trying this:
>> (:template defaults where=below#{$$anchor} :)
> This is not implemented.
> Petko

Then I have a simple request for change to how PmForm implements entering data on a page:

Do not add a line break.

It's much easier to add a line break in a template if you want line breaks between comments or data entered than it is to get rid of it if you want the form to create a continuous bullet list. Case in point:

(:input pmform target=going :)
(:input default request=1:)
(:input default author "{$Author}" :)
Please RSVP for the event:
Name: (:input text author:)
||(:input radio anchor "I'll be there.":) Yes ||(:input radio anchor "I can't make it.":) No ||(:input radio anchor "I might be there.":) Maybe ||
(:input submit post "Submit":)
(:input end:)

(:template defaults where=below :)
(:template require author errmsg="$[Missing name]":)
*"{$$anchor}" ~{$$author}

Produces the markup:
(:pmform going:)

*"I might be there." ~crisses

*"I can't make it." ~crisses

*"I'll be there." ~crisses

It's adding an extra newline/return between the bullet points.  I tried this:
*"{$$anchor}" ~{$$author}\\
And it does work, but that makes for sloppy markup and is non-intuitive for people implementing the recipe.  If the extra newline is removed, it leaves formatting up to the form and post templates, as in:

(:pmform going:)
*"I might be there." ~crisses
*"I can't make it." ~crisses
*"I'll be there." ~crisses

Thank you for your time,

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