[pmwiki-users] Comments-UseCases page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue May 27 00:01:54 CDT 2014

Crisses writes:
> • Note: the below#anchor and above#anchor forms have not have been  
> implemented yet in pmform.php -- as of 2.2.0-beta68.
> However the Site/PmFormTemplates uses this feature in the comment form  
> included with the package.  
> (see <URL:http://www.pmwiki.org/pmform/Site/PmFormTemplates>http://www.pmwiki 
> .org/pmform/Site/PmFormTemplates)  Was this implemented?

What is implemented for the where parameter is top, bottom, above and below.  

The values top and bottom refer to the top ot bottom of the page where the  
post is saved, above and below refer to the position of the (:pmform  
target:) directive where your form appears on the page. For example, this  
page uses where=above :


and every post is inserted before the post form, so after the previous  
posts. If it used where=below, the new posts would go just below the post  
form, and above any previous posts, in reverse chronological order.

> I'm trying this:
> (:template defaults where=below#{$$anchor} :)

This is not implemented.


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