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John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun May 25 04:21:36 CDT 2014

> John Rankin writes:
>>>> Also, $Titlespaced resolves to "1960 To Rob On His46th Birthday". I
>>>> wonder
>>>> whether AsSpaced might look for and space (lower)(\d+lower). Or would
>>>> this
>>>> be undesirable?
> ...
>>> Or, simply set the page title in a (:title ...:) directive instead.
>> From a user perspective, it looks like a spacing error, so I think it's
>> better to fix in software.
> There are some words/names/abbreviations containing digits, that do not
> need
> to be separated/spaced from the preceding letter.
> Examples include ...
> All these do not need spacing of the letter and the digit - it would be a
> spacing error to space them.
> Should we should enable spacing like you suggested, but include,
> distribute
> and maintain a list that will prevent these errors from being spaced? (The
> Wikipedia list is currently 2.1MiB or 622KiB gzipped.) I suggested simply
> setting the page title, but is there a good way to handle this
> automatically?

I would worry that trying to maintain a list of errors could add a lot of
overhead for only occasional benefit. In my current example, we have over
70 poems and His46th is one of two spacing errors (the other is "Sunday

A simpler solution may be to make it easier for an author to correct
$Titlespaced errors, on the basis that {$Titlespaced} is mostly right, but
sometimes not. Using a (:title ... :) directive is verbose in these cases.

I suggested a conservative rule (lower)(digit+lower), which would avoid
most, but not all, of the examples (and fix both current errors). A looser
rule like (lower)(digit) would be wrong more often.

However, a simpler solution could be to provide a cookbook recipe for the
following directive

(:[no]space fee foo:)

Using the {$Titlespaced} page "To Rob On His46th Birthday" as an example,
an author would write (:space His 46th:)

Using the {$Titlespaced} page "M 48 Mauser" an author would write
(:nospace M 48:)

This directive would apply only to {$Titlespaced}; {$Title} would be

John Rankin

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