[pmwiki-users] wiki trail navigation

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat May 24 18:10:30 CDT 2014

John Rankin writes:
>>> Also, $Titlespaced resolves to "1960 To Rob On His46th Birthday". I wonder  
>>> whether AsSpaced might look for and space (lower)(\d+lower). Or would this  
>>> be undesirable?

>> Or, simply set the page title in a (:title ...:) directive instead.

> From a user perspective, it looks like a spacing error, so I think it's  
> better to fix in software.

There are some words/names/abbreviations containing digits, that do not need  
to be separated/spaced from the preceding letter.

Examples include B2B, B2C, Y2K, G7, U2, i386, i686, Airbus A380 (and many  
other planes), Acer Iconia Tab W500 (and many other devices, computers,  
tablets, cameras, phones...), Citroën DS3 and Kawasaki VN900 (and many other  
cars, motorcycles, boats...), D113 and N80 (and many other roads), NR1D2  
(and many other genes, molecules, asteroids, stars), M48 Mauser (and many  
other guns, tanks, armoured vehicles...), O2 and M6 (and many other TV  
channels, radio channels, mobile phone operators...). Actually, the English  
language Wikipedia contains 150K+ article titles in the main space with a  
letter followed by a digit (150141 precisely).

Or program names like diff3, p7zip, base64, k3b, knotify4, md5sum, ogg123,  
pdf90, php5, sqlite3, crc32, dvi2fax, gpg2, html2text, img2png, among 312  
executable files in my /usr/bin/ directory.

All these do not need spacing of the letter and the digit - it would be a  
spacing error to space them.

Should we should enable spacing like you suggested, but include, distribute  
and maintain a list that will prevent these errors from being spaced? (The  
Wikipedia list is currently 2.1MiB or 622KiB gzipped.) I suggested simply  
setting the page title, but is there a good way to handle this automatically?


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