[pmwiki-users] Moving a pmwiki installation to a new host

Leandro Fanzone leandro at hasar.com
Fri Sep 27 06:18:24 CDT 2013

Hello, I have an installation of pmwiki on a Fedora Core 4 server, and I 
decided to migrate it to Ubuntu 12.04. As I did not want to install 
pmwiki again, I just copied /var/www to the new machine and installed 
Apache + PHP. As a result, some pages that had titles with Spanish 
letters (á, ñ, etc.) cannot be accessed anymore. I see that the files do 
exist (albeit they have the special letters changed somehow) but when I 
try to open those pages pmwiki cannot find them. For example: a page 
called "Documentación" exists in the filesystem as "Documentaci?n", but 
pmwiki tries to access it as "DocumentaciN". It seems an encoding 
problem, apparently the contents are stored in Latin1 (ISO-8859-1), and 
in the filenames sometimes the special letters were changed with ? and 
sometimes they keep the Latin1 letter, but for some reason pmwiki does 
not generate the same filename as before to access them. I am completely 
lost, I don't know if this is a configuration problem of PHP, of Apache, 
of the LANG variable... so, in short:

The pmwiki version is the same on both installations (one installed 
manually; the other, just copied the /var/www directory): 2.1.19.
PHP is 2.3.0 on Ubuntu, and 2.0.4 on Fedora.
Apache is 2.2.22 on Ubuntu, and 2.0.54 on Fedora.
LANG is es_ES.utf8 on Ubuntu, en_US.utf8 on Fedora.

Any ideas of where could I possibly find the source of this 
disagreement? It does not seem a problem of pmwiki settings because all 
the files (including the configuration files) were copied verbatim from 
one server to the other. I suspect something changed in some defaults 
behaviour about handling the encoding of filenames, probably in PHP, but 
I am completely ignorant in that field. I think I can just change every 
filename to match pmwiki, but on one hand that implies a lot of work, 
and on the other, the titles that has special characters are changed as 
well, which looks horrible.
Thank you in advance!

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