[pmwiki-users] help wanted for broken installation

Stephan Henn stephanhenn at web.de
Mon Sep 23 15:41:06 CDT 2013

Thanks a lot for all your help!
I managed to fix the problem with the missing images / attachments and 
disabling utf-8 made the text readable again :-)
The next thing I'll do ist trying to recreate the site.side bar and 
adjusting the skin.
I'll come back to you if I encounter more problems. Glad to have you around!

Stephan Henn

Am 22.09.2013 06:48, schrieb Peter Bowers:
> It seems that either the current default home page (Main.HomePage) was 
> deleted or else it used to have a different default home page (set by 
> $DefaultGroup and $DefaultPage in config.php).
> Also it looks like you've lost your left-bar (Site.SideBar) or perhaps 
> the site used to have a different skin which used a different page for 
> the sidebar.  Assuming the former, it is very easy to edit the 
> Site.SideBar page to get the content you want in there.
> It looks like your character set is also messed up. Perhaps it didn't 
> have utf-8 before and the new version has it?
> Beyond that it's unclear what you want the layout to be.  (Re images 
> Simon already pointed out that your uploads directory seems to have be 
> mostly missing).  Perhaps you could elaborate on what you want to see 
> that isn't showing up...
> -Peter
> On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 10:31 PM, Stephan Henn <stephanhenn at web.de 
> <mailto:stephanhenn at web.de>> wrote:
>     Hi everybody,
>     i'm helping out a group in cologne promoting short-films. They use
>     pmWiki for their homepage and for information about their annual
>     festival.
>     Unfortunatly parts of pmWiki got deleted, but not all the data in
>     the wiki.d folder it seems.
>     So I copied a new pmwiki.php in the root folder to revive the site.
>     Now pmWiki is is up and running again under
>     http://www.kurzfilmfreun.de/unlimited/pmwiki.php.
>     But none of the content is displayed.
>     Only when i call a page directly like
>     http://www.kurzfilmfreun.de/unlimited/pmwiki.php?n=Unlimited06.HomePage
>     it gets dislplayed. And even then the layout is broken and no
>     images are displayed.
>     Anyone out there who help me with this?
>     your's
>     Stephan Henn
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