[pmwiki-users] help wanted for broken installation

Stephan Henn stephanhenn at web.de
Fri Sep 20 15:31:48 CDT 2013

Hi everybody,
i'm helping out a group in cologne promoting short-films. They use 
pmWiki for their homepage and for information about their annual festival.
Unfortunatly parts of pmWiki got deleted, but not all the data in the 
wiki.d folder it seems.
So I copied a new pmwiki.php in the root folder to revive the site.
Now pmWiki is is up and running again under 
But none of the content is displayed.
Only when i call a page directly like
it gets dislplayed. And even then the layout is broken and no images are 
Anyone out there who help me with this?

Stephan Henn

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