[pmwiki-users] noleft in SiteHeader suppresses leftbar except for page-actions (mostly)

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Fri Sep 6 05:47:58 CDT 2013

michael paulukonis wrote:

>If I put SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0) in config or the skin, it ALWAYS
>surpresses the left-content.
>I would like it to be suppressed when the (:noleft:) markup is present on
>the page, or in the header.
>Now, SiteHeader would suggest it is almost always present, but I want to be
>able to turn it off by wiki-editing the appropriate content.
>Is there a way to get a Header (Group or Site) enabled for edit, diff,
>history, login, etc?

wouldn't it be better to generally suppress the left bar (and maybe
headers) during edits and other actions?

What are you using the sidebar for? I guess you don't want to navigate
away during edits.


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