[pmwiki-users] noleft in SiteHeader suppresses leftbar except for page-actions (mostly)

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Sep 5 21:28:04 CDT 2013

On 6/09/13 1:12 PM, michael paulukonis wrote:
> Hrm.
> If I put SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0) in config or the skin, it 
> ALWAYS surpresses the left-content.
> I would like it to be suppressed when the (:noleft:) markup is present 
> on the page, or in the header.
> Now, SiteHeader would suggest it is almost always present, but I want 
> to be able to turn it off by wiki-editing the appropriate content.
> Is there a way to get a Header (Group or Site) enabled for edit, diff, 
> history, login, etc?
I think it can be done with a modification to the skin. The template 
file format includes the option

|<!--function:SomeFunction args-->|
This directive calls a PHP function named "SomeFunction", passing the 
current page's name and the text following the function name as 
arguments. PHP functions called in this manner are typically defined in 
a local customization file.

Suppose the template includes:

<!--function:HideLeftColumn $Group.GroupHeader Site.GroupHeader-->

The function HideLeftColumn would need to read $Group.GroupHeader (if it 
exists) and if it doesn't exist, read Site.GroupHeader (if it exists). 
Look for (:noleft:) in the page text and if found, execute 
SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0);

There is a very small performance hit because pmwiki will have to parse 
the GroupHeder file twice, but normally this is a small file, so the 
extra overhead is very small.

Note that it will read the GroupHeader even if the body of the page 
includes a (:nogroupheader:) directive, which may not be a desired 

I have not tested this, but I think it should work.
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