[pmwiki-users] Getting pages created by other software to appear in category lists

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Also categories in mere page text aren't enough, you have to add them to the ??? Element if constructing the page from scratch... I'm on my phone so sorry if this has already been said.   The queston marks are because I don't rember its name.

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Subject: [pmwiki-users] Getting pages created by other software to appear in category lists
Date: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 7:49 PM

Patrick, thanks for your reply.

As an experiment, I simply used the Linux "touch" command on both wiki.d/.lastmod and my synthetic wiki page. I'm afraid that didn't work - the category page still doesn't see the synthetic page.

Any other thoughts?


On 2013-10-28 7:34 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 06:06:29PM -0300, Peter Payzant wrote:
>> I'm creating one page with a daily Perl program, and in general
>> everything works as expected. However, I can't get this page to show
>> up in a category list.
>> [...]
>> However, this page does not appear on the page
>> Category.BoardDocuments. Dozens of other pages created the normal
>> way, by editing in PmWiki, do appear in the category list.
>> What am I doing wrong?
> The indexes aren't being notified that there's a new page that might
> need scanning.
> Simply have your Perl script also touch/update the .lastmod file in
> wiki.d/, and the categories should start seeing your automatically
> generated page(s).
> In Perl the following will work to update the timestamp of .lastmod:
>      open(my $fh, ">", "wiki.d/.lastmod");
>      close($fh);
> Hope this helps.
> Pm

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