[pmwiki-users] adding a class to a form

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Nov 11 05:54:48 CST 2013

No, not simply for any attribute and any tag. The (:div:) and (:table:)  
markups allow inserting any attributes except onclick and similar.

Other tags are processed differently. While there may be a way to define  
and set additional attributes, this in no way would be simple and/or  

OTOH some of these frameworks don't have hard-coded reqirements for  
attributes. It should be possible to configure them to select tags with a  
certain class instead of tags with a certain data-* attribute (easier than  
introducing more complexity in pmwiki markup).

Even if it is hardcoded, as you use jQuery, you can write a simple function  
that would find these tags based on their class or parent class, and insert  
the required attributes in them: $('h4.page').data('role', 'page'); will  
insert the data-role="page" attribute in all H4 headings with the class  
"page". In wiki markup this is done by

  !!!! Heading  %block page%

This may be a fun learning exercice to which some time could be devoted. :-)


Brian Tibbels writes:
> Haha! Yes I already use that for the really tricky layouts such as adding an  
> <h4> embedded in a link <a> :| but I was just thinking for pmWiki to  
> integrate with common (and popular) frameworks there are plenty of attributes  
> that need to be added. If it is as simple as the example you previously sent  
> then they could be encapsulated in a Bootstrap or jqueryui cookbook can it  
> not?. Can it be done simply? - I have some time I could devote to it.
> On 11 November 2013 09:05, Petko Yotov <<URL:mailto:5ko at 5ko.fr>5ko at 5ko.fr>  
> wrote:
>    Brian Tibbels writes:
>      « HTML content follows »
>      Many thanks Petko - how feasible is it to allow any attribute  
>      regardless, in the way that html tags work so that any attribute can be  
>      added to any tag?
>    You probably want  
>    <URL:http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/EnableHTML>http://www.pmwiki.org/ 
>    wiki/Cookbook/EnableHTML .
>    Petko

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