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Lars Eighner surname at larseighner.com
Sun Mar 10 05:06:14 CDT 2013

On Sun, 10 Mar 2013, Paolo Z. wrote:

> Hi list
> I'm trying to learn in my spare time a little bit more about pmwiki, in
> this message I would like to ask some advice about how to organize pages.
> The idea in my mind is a bit complicated so I made it simple and I use a
> country as an example.

> If I want to have all the pages of the cities of France inside the
> "directory" called "france" in order to have something like domainname
> .com/france/marseille how can I do this?

What you want is probably not what you need.

You can create a group called France.  Then you can create a page named
Marseille in the group France.  Set $EnablePathInfo = 1 and Voila!  the url
of your page is (apparently)
http://www.example.com/pmwiki.php/France/Marsielle .

Now here is why you probably do not want to this:

It is extremely limited.  You just have the two levels group and page, or in
this case France/Marseille. PmWiki is designed to be extended, but you are
in for much work if you want to get beyond the two levels.

Okay, you could have France/Paris#leftbank, but that's about it.

Your approach could develop into creating many groups, if for example you
want pages for other cities in Europe. You need to think long and hard before
you create a new group.  Many groups can create problems for authors and
maintainers.  For one thing, you have know which group a page is in to make
internal links.  You can quickly make a big mess.

The best way to handle heirarchies is with categories.

> Is there any way to force users that creates a page for the city of Paris
> to set it in the "directory" france?

No, not if users can create pages in groups other than France.  Think about
this for a moment. For the wiki to do this, it would have to know already
that Paris is a city in France and it would have to know the user does not
intend to make a page for Paris, Texas.

This is another good reason to avoid multiple groups: you can be sure users
will put pages in the right place -- and moving pages between groups is
tedious.  Changing categories tags is much easier, so I suggest a flat
(almost everything in one group) wiki with categories for (what else?)
categorizing pages.

> Not sure if it is possible.
> I hope you understand my question.
> Thanks P.

Lars Eighner
8800 N IH35 APT 1191 AUSTIN TX 78753-5266

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