[pmwiki-users] Pages organization

Paolo Z. paolo81cfm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 20:23:46 CST 2013

Hi list

I'm trying to learn in my spare time a little bit more about pmwiki, in
this message I would like to ask some advice about how to organize pages.
The idea in my mind is a bit complicated so I made it simple and I use a
country as an example.
If I want to have all the pages of the cities of France inside the
"directory" called "france" in order to have something like domainname
.com/france/marseille how can I do this?
Is there any way to force users that creates a page for the city of Paris
to set it in the "directory" france?

Not sure if it is possible.
I hope you understand my question.

Thanks P.
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