[pmwiki-users] Problem with RequireAuthor

didier.halatre at free.fr didier.halatre at free.fr
Fri Mar 30 05:48:55 CDT 2012

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Objet: Re: [pmwiki-users] Problem with RequireAuthor

>> In the documentation, it's in Site.AuthUser.
>> I try with SiteAdmin.AuthUser and there is the same result.
> The documentation you're looking at is outdated, in 2.2.x, the page is indeed 
> SiteAdmin.AuthUser (unless you have configured it to be elsewhere). Where is 
> this documentation? We may have forgotten to update it.

It is in the french documentation and as I'm French...  ;-)
The english doc is OK.

>> The login is OK. But the $AuthId is empty :-(
> What is your user: password line in SiteAdmin.AuthUser ? Does look like :
>  Didier: $1$YTJui2ZN$TMYMiWH3SNo84LJ72ZZ2E

Yesterday, when I have updated the good page, I forget the ":" between the name and the password.
Now all is OK. The $AuthId have the good value (and $Author also).

Many Thanks to you and tamouse

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