[pmwiki-users] Upgrading PmWiki to the latest version on Windows OS

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Mar 24 21:12:20 CDT 2012

Al Louis Ripskis writes:
> PmWiki/Upgrades instructions under item 4. Copy say:
> "Copy the files in pmwiki-x.y.z over the files of your existing PmWiki  
> installation.
> But what command do you enter if you have Windows system and where exactly?

Just open two folders at a time with your file manager (2 windows) and copy  
the files from the new version pmwiki-x.y.z.zip folder to the same  
directories on the server.

For example: copy the new pmwiki.php from the *.zip overwriting the old  
pmwiki.php on the server; go to the scripts/ directories in both windows and  
copy all files from the *.zip scripts/ directory to the server's scripts/  
directory, overwriting them; do the same in wikilib.d/ and a couple of times  
in pub/.

It is recommended to have a backup of your current working version, so if  
the new version doesn't work for some reason, you can replace it back with  
your old files.

You are also invited to read the release notes before upgrading - they may  
contain important information for administrators who upgrade. Read all  
entries between your previous version and the new one.



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