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Fri Mar 9 20:17:48 CST 2012

Hi again :-).

I have a fresh PmWiki installation with UFT-8 and upload by page. I had 
issues about special caracters in wiki names like "Site.Icônes" or 

1. Attach files cannot be found. (The upload folder name is Icônes)
2. FTP cannot transfert files. (The filenames in wiki.d is "Site.Icônes") 
(admin issue but this prevent to do my backup easily)

I guess these are server problem (Filezilla supports unicode) but I cannot 
change server attributes. I do a lot of research about this but nothing help 
me. When wikiword is "Icones", there is no more issue.

So I try to find a way to change how PmWiki saves WikiWord (save "Icones"). 
But I need to keep "Icônes" for the title!

This works for saving wikiword without french special caracters:

$SpecialCharactersPatterns = array(       # convert accent. /u option is for 
    '/[àáâ]+/u' => 'a','/[ÀÁÂ]+/u' => 'A',
    '/[æ]+/u' => 'ae','/[Æ]+/u' => 'AE',
    '/[ç]+/u' => 'c','/[Ç]+/u' => 'C',
    '/[èéêë]+/u' => 'e','/[ÈÉÊË]+/u' => 'E',
    '/[ìíîï]+/u' => 'i','/[ÌÍÎÏ]+/u' => 'I',
    '/[ñ]+/u' => 'n','/[Ñ]+/u' => 'N',
    '/[òóôö]+/u' => 'o','/[ÒÓÔÖ]+/u' => 'O',
    '/[œ]+/u' => 'oe','/[Œ]+/u' => 'OE',
    '/[ùúûü]+/u' => 'u','/[ÙÚÛÜ]+/u' => 'U'
$MakePageNamePatterns = array_merge ( $SpecialCharactersPatterns, 
$MakePageNamePatterns );

Now, I have to keep the "Icônes" somewhere and display it as title. , like a 
(:title:) added by code or maybe a new file property $new["ctitleastyped"] = 

I use Cookbook/EditTitle, Cookbook/NewPageBoxPlus and Cookbook/PageCreator 
as ideas.

Is it more explicit?
Caroline Guénette

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On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 2:50 PM,  <cguenette at globetrotter.net> wrote:
> I want to create a cookbook that will do this:
> Request page (to create or to edit) | Thème | Évènements à Noël! |
> File name really saved | Theme | EvenementsaNoel |
> WikiWord Display | Thème | Évènements à Noël! |
> I guest that the "WikiWord Display" can used the Title attribute. The user
> never know about the Read File name (search, pagelist...).
> I'm not very familiar with PmWiki development yet. If you have some hint 
> for
> me, these will be usefull.
> Actually, I'm looking these the recipe:
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/TitleSpaced (section Another option:
> WikiWord as you typed) and
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/EditTitle

Hello, Caroline, I just replied to your other query about writing recipes.

I'm a bit unclear what it is you are wanting to do here. Is that table
up there supposed to represent a form? Can you walk through what it is
you want to display, what features and interactions you want to
provide the user (or page author, as it may be) and so on?

I'm quite unclear what the theme and events are for. Perhaps it might
help if you gave an overall description of your wiki and what you're
trying to accomplish?

If you have a sandbox wiki somewhere, it might be helpful to mock-up
the thing you are trying to create, even if there is no actual code
behind it to implement what you want to do. 

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