[pmwiki-users] Blank pages

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jun 30 18:09:34 CDT 2012

Petko Yotov writes:
> Christophe Pallier writes:.
>>  Suddenly several pages of my website are blank
> There have been similar reports in earlier versions, and the problem came  
> from the recent character recoding functions in PmWiki. It appears that some  
> PHP installations don't behave the way they are documented and expected, so  
> we need to find them, test them and change PmWiki to deal with them.

I found the problem. In PHP 5.4, the often used function htmlspecialchars()  
changed the default encoding to UTF-8. When a page in the (PmWiki default)  
encoding ISO-8859-1 contains international characters like "é", they are not  
valid for UTF-8 and the function returns an empty string.

This will be fixed for the next version 2.2.40.


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