[pmwiki-users] Whither simple, dependable PmWiki login/self-registering mechanism?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat Mar 26 18:23:55 CDT 2011

On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 11:05 PM, Hans <design5 at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
> So I wonder what needs to be done apart from testing in various
> environments?
> What stops the recipe status to be declared beta?

There has been some significant re-design and re-factoring since the
version that is installed on the web-site and the re-factored code is
not at a functional level (especially on the authuser side).
Unfortunately for this reason even testing the current version is
somewhat pointless unless someone is going to take that base and
modify rather than starting with the more advanced base (which isn't
yet stable/functional).

> Can the cookbook page be updated, since modifying scripts/authuser.php
> is no longer required since pmwiki 2.2.17?

Feel free.  I'm back to playing around with this (started prior to and
in spite of the "Save the World!" email :-) ) and, assuming it gets to
a reliable stage, I will be reworking a lot of the documentation as

> I am impressed, and think this recipe needs to florish, and gets
> everybody's support, and as much core support as possible!

I agree.  Eemeli provided a well-designed and tightly coded piece of
functionality here.  Let me bang on it for a few more hours and we may
be to a place where some community testing would be helpful...


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